Racial Diversity in College

Ha! An oldie but a goodie, originally found at College Humor:

Picture 111

The Breast and Brightest

For those days when I need a belly laugh at the expense of entitled, naive individuals bearing the grammar skills of drunk, blind, rabid squirrels typing with their tails, I go here.  The best ones are a little further back. NSFW if coworkers can read over your shoulders.

Ahh, porn hub comments on stock photos… I’m going to accidentally giggle my way into abs, thanks to you.

Boys Will Be Boys

Love these! (more…)

Enough About Me – What About You?

I’d love to hear about what quirky sexual interests float your boat! Click HERE for my quickie-quick, anonymous, ten question survey. (more…)

Don’t Push the Big Pink Button

Need a good laugh? My New Pink Button is one of the newest personal care products to turn a non-issue into an issue, and the reviews are even better than I imagined.

Duke University’s Newest Porn Star

Check her out HERE.

The link above reroutes to a powerful sentiment expressed by Duke University’s newly infamous student slash porn star, speaking out against the criticism she’s been facing recently. I greatly admire this woman’s determination, sense of self, sex-positive attitude, and raw honesty in telling her story. You go, girl!