social construction of beauty

I Conform, You Conform, He and She and We Conform

Gilly Hicks had a sale recently, and as usual, I deliberately ordered enough stuff from their website to get free shipping, with the intention of returning most of the lot. This morning, while searching for their return policy to see how many days I can hem and haw before the sales are final, I wound up on a couple of Abercrombie & Fitch (their parent company) and Hollister-inspired Tumblr blogs. Apparently, it’s customary in the group interviews with these stores to be asked a make-or-break-you question about “what diversity means to you.”


Diversity? At Abercrombie & Fitch? Bwahahahaha


Target’s New Flesh-Eating Bikini – For Teens!

Not that anybody needed to be told that thigh gaps are physically impossible for most of us to have, but here’s yet another example of how even models can’t achieve this absurd ideal. The model for this juniors’ bikini is also missing a ribcage and part of her hip, not to mention how her appearance has been blatantly whitewashed(more…)

How to Make $$$ from Cellulite

Although women have always had jelly-like patches on the backs of our thighs, cellulite wasn’t seen as a “problem” until around the 1970s. So, why the change? (more…)