The Silent Treatment for Rapists


Social exclusion is a powerful punisher. If that’s what it takes to discourage rape and other forms of sexual violence, that’s what we need to do. It works in cultures with low rape rates, and it will work for us. It’s not enough for survivors to be the only folks speaking out against these horrors; everyone needs to be on board and be willing to shun people who choose to behave this way.

I Love My Gays, Just Not When I Can See Them

My alma mater has a week every April set aside to celebrate our LGBTQ students and raise awareness to the fact that, yes, they do exist. The event is widely celebrated, particularly for the day when hundreds of free “Gay? Fine by Me.” shirts are given out. I had to wait two years to get my hands on one; that’s how high the demand is. They’re a treasured commodity. After all, what’s college without a few politically active t-shirts? (more…)

Don’t Rape Me, Rape Her Instead

Rapists are not significantly influenced by modifying the behavior of potential rape victims (i.e. everyone, particularly individuals who are least likely to report the crime and especially likely to be blamed for “provoking” rapists). Being raped is not a choice; raping is.  (more…)

Borrowed from Elsewhere: An Open Letter to Straight White Guys

Privilege is all too often invisible to those who have it, and many of us forget that being oppressed in one facet of life does not mean that we aren’t privileged in others.

Diary of a Gay Person of Color

Hey Bros –

So before I get started I want you all to know this comes from a place of love, not hate. I grew up around enough of you all to know that you’re not inherently evil (despite the best efforts of black culture to get me to think so), but I just want to give you some tough love for your own personal development.

I want to start by asking you one key question: Do you realize how lucky you all are? It may not be readily obvious to you but society has been constructed in your favor. If you don’t believe me, just look at the list below.

  1. When you walk down the street, you never have to worry is anyone staring at you because they think you don’t belong in their space or that you’re there to wreak havoc.
  2. You never have to worry about…

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