Limp Dicks and Bare Faces: A Female Perspective on Impotence

There is an episode of Sex and the City where the protagonist is dating a short story writer who, ironically, prematurely ejaculates. When I watch that episode in the company of male friends, they burst out laughing during the scene where we first witness Mr. Man’s sexual difficulty. Immediately thereafter, that hearty laughter turns to thinly veiled nervous laughter. Female friends, however, have never laughed. In contrast, they have tended to sympathize with the protagonist’s frustration with her partner — not so much over his sexual difficulty, but over his disinterest in discussing it with her. (more…)

Peeing in Public

Shy bladders are — you guessed it — a form of social anxiety. The technical term is paruresis. Some literature suggests that paruresis is much more common among men, as around 90% of sufferers are male. Other sources suggest that although sufferers seeking treatment are more likely to be men, the prevalence rates are nearly equal between men and women. Regardless of prevalence, unfortunately, I am one of those women.

I’ve had a shy bladder for over ten years. It’s something I have to thing about every time I leave my house. (more…)