You Can’t Afford Me: The Morality of Financial Sexual Domination

I remember hearing a few years ago of a woman who taught preschool by day and financially enslaved men by night. I don’t remember why the story made the news, but I was puzzled as to why this woman could say such mean things to her clientele, only to have them obediently lavish their life savings upon her.

I was asked the other day about my opinion of the morality of financial domination. What is financial domination, you ask? It’s a type of power play where a dominant partner “forces” a submissive partner to remit money. The play is entirely consensual and often involves blackmail, punishments, and other venues of humiliation by the dominant partner toward the submissive partner for the mutualistic benefit of both partners.

So, where does a reasonable person draw the line between sexual expression and placating an addiction to the point of destitution? (more…)

How a Cartoon Show Taught Me That I’m Perverted

Hey! / What a wonderful kind of day / where you learn to work and play / and get along with each other / Hey!


Ever see Arthur as a child? I grew up watching that show every day after school. Even as an adult, when I stumble upon reruns as I’m channel surfing, I’ll watch an episode or two (or ten) for old times’ sake.

I have a distinctive memory of one episode that forever changed my life. When one of Arthur’s friends rips his pants in front of their third grade class, Arthur begins have nightmares that he will be humiliated by having his underwear exposed at school, too.


The Whisper App: My Newest Guilty Pleasure

The other day, a friend introduced me to an app called Whisper. It’s kind of like PostSecret meets Twitter, where people can anonymously post their innermost secrets, thoughts, rumination, and whatever else onto stock photo backgrounds. At first, I thought it was a little mundane. Questions asking about dreams and regrets received lots of attention from other users but bored me to tears. Once I realized users can search for specific post topics via tags, my fun began. (Lo and behold, Whisper is not just for pedophiles and teens anymore!)

I dove into my quest for submissions discussing people’s intimate quirkiness and fetishes almost immediately and have yet to pop my head back up for air. For sex geeks like me, this app is a goldmine. I kid you not, I ended up spending most of my yesterday glued to my phone, talking — strictly platonically — with kinksters, diaper fetishists and cross dressers.  (more…)

Enough About Me – What About You?

I’d love to hear about what quirky sexual interests float your boat! Click HERE for my quickie-quick, anonymous, ten question survey. (more…)