Naked and Afraid, or Naked and Battered? (aka Wait, You Can Share A Bed Without Having Sex?)

My boyfriend and I are in a brand new relationship, yet we already radiate that “old couple” smell. People who see us together for the first time assume we’ve been together for years. Perhaps that’s in part because we have both prioritized spending time together early on to create and nurture a solid foundation of friendship that will last through the duration of our togetherness. (more…)

Borrowed from Elsewhere: My Size Is Not Up For Discussion

I’ve been naturally thin my whole life and have heard all sorts of these same hateful, hurtful sentiments from people around me. From one thin gal to another, thank you!

ShoutOut! James Madison University

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words could definitely kill me. As a communications major, this is the saying that I go by. Words hurt, worse than any kind of physical pain I have ever felt.

“Wow, I bet you can really throw her around.” –An actual statement that was said to my ex-boyfriend by one of his friends. I was sitting right there. What did I say? Nothing. I said nothing. I was so shocked that he could even say something like that upon first meeting me and I felt so awkward, uncomfortable and self-conscious that I couldn’t even formulate a comeback. This is something I have had to deal with countless times since. I decided to compile a few of the many comments I’ve gotten over the years into a list so I can expose this phenomenon.


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The Breast and Brightest

For those days when I need a belly laugh at the expense of entitled, naive individuals bearing the grammar skills of drunk, blind, rabid squirrels typing with their tails, I go here.  The best ones are a little further back. NSFW if coworkers can read over your shoulders.


Ahh, porn hub comments on stock photos… I’m going to accidentally giggle my way into abs, thanks to you.