Maybe Baby? Maybe Not.

When I was twenty, I met a woman who remarked that she wanted to have a baby someday because that child would love her unconditionally. “HAH!!” I rudely retorted. “Relationships require constant maintenance. In the end, it is your child’s choice of what kind of relationship to have with you, if any. If you want unconditional love, get a dog.”

Since girlhood, I have always assumed I would have my own children someday because I love kids, and that’s what grown-ups do — reproduce. Recently, however, I have begun to question that assumption for the first time. Why make babies?  (more…)

60 Photos of the Human Experience

Words can hardly express the power of these photographs. Simply magnificent.

Preschool Wisdom: When Life’s a Drag

A friend of mine shared this gem earlier today on Facebook. The world would be quite a different place if none of us learned to socially shame each others’ gender expressions. Rock on, Chester and your parents!


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