body image

The Perfect Body? Cut the Facade, Not the Pounds.

My yoga buddy, a sixty-something-year-old engineer from an affluent family, told me this week that I have a perfect body. He meant it as a compliment because I’m thin with socially privileged body measurements, but his statement left me wondering about its deeper implications. The perfect body… what does that mean? (more…)

My Ugly Neighbor is Naked… Again

I was perusing through my old Facebook statuses in search of throwback fodder for this week’s bloggage when I stumbled upon this post from a few years ago.

“I feel like there’s something inherently wrong with our society’s narcissistic obsession with physical beauty when we can claim that someone is “not attractive enough to be naked”. What ever happened to just looking away? I’m not a fan of gazing at sagging buttcheeks or excessive body hair, but I can’t say I’d feel right about assuming the authority to tell people they can’t show their less-than-what-I’d-find-appealing bodies in my presence. Quite frankly, I give major kudos to everyone confident enough to bear to be bare, with or without social approval.” (more…)

Target’s New Flesh-Eating Bikini – For Teens!

Not that anybody needed to be told that thigh gaps are physically impossible for most of us to have, but here’s yet another example of how even models can’t achieve this absurd ideal. The model for this juniors’ bikini is also missing a ribcage and part of her hip, not to mention how her appearance has been blatantly whitewashed(more…)

No Hair, No Education

I just saw this on the news, about the little girl who — against her school’s dress code — shaved her head in solidarity with her best friend, currently battling cancer. The school board finally reversed its absurd suspension, details of which are linked below. Go Kamryn!!