“Green” Personal Care

Apparently, I Have a Dry Vagina

My new gynecologist changed my life. Despite my conditioned fear of doctors, she has relieved me of the occasional vaginal pain that I’ve had for years — quickly, and without the need for surgery, therapy, or anything invasive or expensive. Why is this story worth telling? Because every time I researched painful vaginal intercourse online, all I found were recommendations to consult doctors about surgical options or therapy involving graduated dilators. Nowhere did I find the simple solution that my gynecologist recommended. That’s what I want to share with anyone else experiencing pre-menopausal vaginal pain not associated with any type of sexual abuse or trauma. I’m hoping to spare other vagina-bearers some frustration, time, money, and energy. (more…)

The Below-the-Belt War on Women (aka Why You Should Stop Buying “Feminine Washes”)

Sitting in my boyfriend’s dormitory bathroom yesterday, my eyes struck something truly horrid. Unfortunately, it wasn’t just the less-than-maintained toilet bowl in exactly the condition you may expect of average college-aged men… It was much worse.

Poison Periods, Aisle 8A


Careful what you put between your legs… The unregulated chemicals found in some disposable menstrual products can increase your odds of making deformed babies, getting cancer, and developing allergic reactions.

Sephora Jumbo Eyeliner (Green, #10)

Guess what doubles as both eyeliner and eyeshadow, is super pigmented, and (best yet) ranks at only a 2 on Skindeep‘s toxicity scale? That’s right: Sephora Jumbo 12H Wear Waterproof eyeliner.


Pen Eyeliner: Lorac Front of the Line Pro vs. Physician’s Formula Eye Booster

I’m not particularly fond of most liquid eyeliners, but pen liners make application oh-so-simple and quick, with an excellent color payoff to boot. In high school, I only wore Physician’s Formula pen liner. In college, I only wore Lorac pen liner. Now that I have become more bothered by the ingredients in my favorite cosmetics, these ancient formulas need to be pitched from my stash once and for all. So, which is the better bet to repurchase? (more…)

Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips Shadow and Liner in “Nude Eyes”

I was ready to spring for Urban Decay’s renowned Naked palette, I really was; I’m a sucker for anything shimmery. I don’t normally spend exorbitant sums of money on makeup, but $52 for a variety of gorgeous shades seemed less outrageous around the holidays… at least until I read the ingredient list and noticed that about half the shadows included parabens (hormone disruptors). Yuck. (more…)

Sephora Color Hit Nail Polish (Date a Prince, #40)

Although eye makeup is my favorite cosmetic genre, I love being able to peek down at glossy, polished toenails from time to time. I’ve also gotten lazy about chip maintenance, so I generally leave my fingernails bare and lavish attention on my toes instead. (more…)

Going On the Rag: The Low Down on Cloth Maxi Pads

I will admit that despite my love of periods, I was grossed out the first time I came across washable maxi pads on Etsy. They were the color of caulk and looked like scraps of fabric salvaged from an old dog bed. Ick.

How To Make Your Own BB Cream

I’m a pretty low maintenance kind of gal. I don’t do foundation, I rarely do concealer, and I don’t apply sunscreen as often as advised. Color me happy when (more…)

Going Green at Sephora

After my recent product purge, I’ve become obsessed with finding healthier cosmetic options for those of us who want quality products with quality ingredients. (more…)