Napping: Luxury or Necessity?

Improved alertness and concentration, less stress, and better sleeping at night? Yes, please. Bring on the naps.


Read more about the benefits here, from the image’s source: Perfect nap, here I come!

I think it would be extremely practical to allot brief napping breaks on long work shifts, even if shortening our lunch breaks was necessary. Smokers get smoke breaks, right? If we used the time a smoker would otherwise take throughout the workday to smoke, and substituted it with the option (for all employees) of using that same time to rest instead, I bet productivity and the quality of work would both improve.


    1. Glad you enjoyed it! …not that any of us need a reason to want a little more shut eye these days. The world would run a little more smoothly if we all got a few extra naps 🙂


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