Kitestring: An App For Those Late Walks Home

The title of this article (“This New App Could’ve Prevented My Friend’s Rape”) is bull because an app won’t keep a person dead-set on raping from raping, but the app itself is brilliant. It works a bit like an alarm clock, where a user sets a time limit and custom emergency messages to be sent out to preselected contacts if there is no activity on the phone after the timer runs out. 

Kitestring… how practical you would have been on all my late night walks home to my college apartment. Given, most raping takes place between people who know each other, and this app would be much less useful in those cases. However, it would have brought me some peace of mind thinking that loved ones would be notified if I was ever attacked at the hands of a stranger during predictably sketchier times of the day (i.e., early morning and late evening).

Even in less sinister cases, like car trips late at night or in bad weather, this app could still be extremely practical for alerting others to potentially dangerous situations when you may not otherwise have access to your phone.

Read more about Kitestring here:

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