The Whisper App: My Newest Guilty Pleasure

The other day, a friend introduced me to an app called Whisper. It’s kind of like PostSecret meets Twitter, where people can anonymously post their innermost secrets, thoughts, rumination, and whatever else onto stock photo backgrounds. At first, I thought it was a little mundane. Questions asking about dreams and regrets received lots of attention from other users but bored me to tears. Once I realized users can search for specific post topics via tags, my fun began. (Lo and behold, Whisper is not just for pedophiles and teens anymore!)

I dove into my quest for submissions discussing people’s intimate quirkiness and fetishes almost immediately and have yet to pop my head back up for air. For sex geeks like me, this app is a goldmine. I kid you not, I ended up spending most of my yesterday glued to my phone, talking — strictly platonically — with kinksters, diaper fetishists and cross dressers. 

The most satisfaction I’ve had so far has come from people who are looking for reassurance on sensitive issues, usually related to their self-esteem and sexual and/or gender identities. My favorites are the insecure folks because they have the most potential emotional comfort to gain from our conversation.

Most of the private messages I’ve sent and received have been through discourse with heterosexual and bisexual men who are concerned that no women will want to date them because of their various kinks and fetishes. Due to the anonymous nature of the app, people tend to be somewhat comfortable talking about their innermost wants and desires, sharing with me sentiments that they haven’t told other people in their lives. When I admit that I am female, which they invariably ask, there is usually an air of surprise that a girl would be enthusiastic to talk with them about their secrets. Those instances are especially fun because that’s when they really open up.

So far, I’ve reached out to a few handfuls of people and received positive feedback from every party who has responded to my inquiries. One kinkster was even inspired from our conversation to have a serious talk that night with his partner about his desires and restructure their current line of communication, more explicitly sharing with her his fantasies in detailed ways he hadn’t before. He later told me that his partner responded very, very positively and is eager to engage him in new and exciting intimate adventures. I couldn’t be more thrilled for them.

I’m naturally drawn to people in emotional distress, and this app has become a fabulous outlet for my indefatigable curiosity to be put to prosocial use. For anyone else out there looking to anonymously assuage the anxieties of strangers and learn a little more about the wide range of human sexuality (or the uncomfortably confined range of socially-approved gender roles), Whisper is treasure trove of brownie points waiting to happen.


    1. Success, the illusion worked! Hahaha, just kidding. Thank you so much for the kind words as always, Christina. Your master’s degree is in social work, isn’t it? I would love to have your kind of emotional fortitude required for such an emotionally taxing yet fulfilling field.


      1. It was actually my bachelors degree that was in social work and my masters degree is in public health. And it took me some time to find out that I DIDNT have that necessary fortitude hence the degree switch. It was actually less about hearing traumatic things or anything like that but the closeness to people and all the resulting interactions caused a little too much anxiety for me. So while I discovered the one on one work wasn’t for me, I still wanted to try and contribute hopefully through more of a large scale effort like many public health practices 🙂


        1. Whoops, my mistake! As an easily overwhelmed introvert, I can totally understand your anxiety from all the interactions, though. I think it’s beautiful that you found a way to continue to channel your positive energy for the good of others. 🙂


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