Man-Card Revoked

Yo, Bushmaster. Stop shaming men into following rigid cis-gender norms and encouraging weaponry and violence as solutions to threatened masculinity.



    1. Weaponry by itself is fine, when used responsibly. My gripe is with wanting weapons for the sake of having weapons. It’s the I-want-a-big-loud-gun-to-make-me-powerful mentality that worries me.


      1. That’s how I feel about people who get oversized pick-up trucks and throw monster truck tires on them. At least guns are useful.

        I can’t say that I’ve ever understood the crave for military-style weapons… but then again, I’ve wanted to buy a shotgun for the last 3 years, even though I’d use my pistol to protect myself. So I guess I’m a being a hypocrite.


        1. I sometimes chuckle when I see one of those big-wheeled beasts. I doubt compensation is the prime motivator, but I do wonder.

          It’s funny how we can crave things without understanding why. I definitely see the appeal of a firearm for protection, although I could not envision myself ever wanting to actually have one. But hey, that’s a personal choice. I just wish we as a society would stop masculinizing gun violence.


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