Borrowed from Elsewhere: The Colour of Depression

The link below redirects to a powerful, eloquent reflection from a former psychiatric nurse on his personal experiences with depression.

Excerpt: Whenever I hear someone talking about depression or read an article or report in the media, the overwhelming impression given is one of blackness, Churchillian phrases such as “Black Dog” or the ubiquitous “Black Cloud“. Not only are these yet more instances of negative use of the word Black, but do not match my own experience of Depression. To me it has no colour, or at best an opaque nothingness, that couldn’t even be described as shadows or fluctuations of light and dark. (Read more)

As I stated in a comment on his post, part of the reason I’m aspiring to become a therapist rather than a psychiatrist is because of my distrust of the overly-medicated “solutions” to mental health afflictions. I recognize that some mental illness are primarily biological in nature and must be fixed with encapsulated chemical concoctions, but medication intended to artificially alter neurochemicals in order to alleviate emotional dysfunction all too often leads to ignorance of the underlying emotional issues at play.

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