Sephora Jumbo Eyeliner (Green, #10)

Guess what doubles as both eyeliner and eyeshadow, is super pigmented, and (best yet) ranks at only a 2 on Skindeep‘s toxicity scale? That’s right: Sephora Jumbo 12H Wear Waterproof eyeliner.

Eye makeup doesn’t get much easier than this.

These crayons normally run at $14 each, but you can snag ’em for $10 on sale. They’re smooth, they’re creamy, and they last all day. Application time takes maybe 20 seconds per eye, on a slow day.


“Green”, shade 10


Up close and personal


Swatches as both an eyeliner and an eyeshadow

My favorite way to wear this one is as a burst of color on my lower lashline, but it would work equally as well as liner on your upper lashline or an eyeshadow all around. It’s impressively versatile.


The pigmentation is killer!


An oldie of me wearing this shade a couple years ago on St. Patty’s Day

Sephora’s website says the beige one can work as a daily base layer, and the white can be used to brighten the inner corners of your eyes. At $14 a pop, I’m planning to stick to my other go-to highlighters and bases and instead only purchase these in vibrant shades. Can’t wait to splurge on electric purple and bright turquoise next!


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