Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips Shadow and Liner in “Nude Eyes”

I was ready to spring for Urban Decay’s renowned Naked palette, I really was; I’m a sucker for anything shimmery. I don’t normally spend exorbitant sums of money on makeup, but $52 for a variety of gorgeous shades seemed less outrageous around the holidays… at least until I read the ingredient list and noticed that about half the shadows included parabens (hormone disruptors). Yuck.

Fast forward to the present, when I’m at Target with a friend in the cosmetic aisles, bebooping my Skindeep app over every barcode I could find. Much to my delight, the Physician’s Formula nude palettes rang in with a score of 2/10**.  Here’s the proof:

Screenshot_2014-03-23-10-02-47    Screenshot_2014-03-23-10-02-55

Screenshot_2014-03-23-10-03-29    Screenshot_2014-03-23-10-03-20

As a bonus, the casing is boudoir themed, with black, floral lace and an adorable bow. What’s not to love?

0323140946a    0323140947

0323140946c    0323140946b

The shadow itself takes many layers to see much pigment, but the shimmer is subtly gorgeous at the first swipe. For $11, it’s worth the 9 hues. I would recommend using your own shadow brush, though, as the one provided is just a few layers of foam over what feels like a dull, Barbie-sized X-Acto knife.

0323140952a    0323140954

0323140957a_2    0323140957a_2_2    0323140958a

Every third strip is technically intended as an eyeliner, but I’ll get more use out of them as shadows. However, any of the shades in the entire palette would look gorgeous as a liner if you wet the brush first.

All in all, I say hellooooo new favorite daily shimmer, and goodbye hormone funkeruppers! From inner eye and under brow highlights to an evening smoky eye, I’m going to have fun with this one.


**Please note that the box says this palette might include Carmine. Although Carmine has not been shown to have adverse effects on humans, it may be derived from animals (insects?), according to PETA. Thus, this palette might not be the most animal-friendly option.


  1. So pretty-glad you’re enjoying it! I have one of their palettes that’s similar to this, I think for hazel eyes? (I’m a blue eyed rebel.) But I’ll have to check out the Skindeep site-I’ve never looked into it.


    1. I bet the browns looked awesome with your blue eyes. I used to have the green eyed palette and loved it! I’m so glad PF has been redoing their formulas to make them more health-conscious. I just ordered the green and blue “pop” palettes on Amazon last night. As for Skindeep, I highly recommend checking it out! The app is super convenient for when you’re out and shopping, but their main website is amazingly informative about what’s in stuff, which ingredients are dangerous, and why. It’s been my holy grail book of answers through my product purge.


      1. Yes they have some nice things. For the drugstore they can be a little more pricey however I appreciate the cruelty free aspect and better ingredient factor you just mentioned! But that sounds good. One of those things I should be more conscious of. Thanks for the information!


  2. thanks for sharing! I also love simmering shadows, I find they soften my eyes and give me a romantic look. Can you tell me the lasting power of these shadows and does it crease? I sometimes get oily eyelids during the summer season.


    1. Thanks for commenting! Yeah, summer makes my face sweat like mad, so I’m always on the hunt for colors that stay put. I haven’t worn these for a full day yet (I was too excited to post the swatches to wait), but I’ll update you asap as to how they perform 🙂


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