Borrowed from Elsewhere: The Deal With Should

I really enjoyed reading this post. We all too often forget just how powerful the damage can be when we internalize all our automatic “should”s every day. Even something as simple as substituting a “would benefit from” in place of a “should” is a quick way to revitalize daily thinking for the better and avoid piling on unnecessary (and somewhat arbitrary) obligation and shame.


    1. I loved it! Nothing goes better with a glowing face than a happy, healthy mind behind it. Thank you for exploring a deeper view of beauty alongside your fabulous cosmetic reviews.


      1. You’re very welcome! It feels good for me to do it. Actually I’ve gotta say, doing posts like this was kind of inspired by you! You obviously have many great thoughtful posts, and I think you left a comment on my sister’s introduction page about her intro being inspiring. And I thought, you know, there is a lot more to explore out that that could potentially be inspiring and at least a little deeper than the typical makeup stuff. So thank YOU 🙂


        1. Awww, wow! You just made my whole day… Make that month, even! I’m going to smile every time I look at this post. Thank you so much. Consider the inspiration mutual, dahling ❤


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