Sephora Color Hit Nail Polish (Date a Prince, #40)

Although eye makeup is my favorite cosmetic genre, I love being able to peek down at glossy, polished toenails from time to time. I’ve also gotten lazy about chip maintenance, so I generally leave my fingernails bare and lavish attention on my toes instead.

Since greening my beauty routine, I’ve been on a mission to find less toxic nail polish than my stash of OPI, Essie, NYC, Sally Hansen, China Glaze, Wet N Wild, and all the random brands from my youth. Color me thrilled when my obsessive researching on Skindeep indicated that Sephora’s Color Hit Nail Polish rang in with a better score (2 out of 10 on a toxicity scale) than the big nail polish hotshot brands (3+).

Picture 112Picture 112Technically, $5 for an admittedly small, 5mL bottle will end up running you more dough than buying the standard 15 mL OPI bottle. However, if you’re like me and have never finished more than one or two bottles of nail polish in your entire life, $5 per color is a lot easier to justify on your monthly budget than the $8-$15 other brands charge for larger ones. They’re more travel friendly, too.

Red toenails are my favorite foot look, so for my first nail polish bottle post-purge, I went with a cheery, fine engine red called “Date a Prince” (shade 40). There were lots of other reddish, maroonish, and pinkish shades available, but I loved the orange tint of this one. The undertones sing of summer!

I’m thrilled with the turnout and am hoping that it’s as chip-resistant as its reviews have boasted. Fingers crossed for warm weather 🙂


  1. That looks great! And I totally dig the idea of smaller polish bottles-I mean have I REALLY gone through a whole bottle ever?? Maybe of clear topcoats, but so often the big bottles get old and thick and goopy and go to waste. The reminds me my toes are a darn, chipped mess haha


    1. Same! Some of the polishes I ended up throwing out were gooey and gloppy, so I couldn’t have used them anyway. The only bottles I still have that are close to being empty are top and base coats. Also, I find that if I file my nails in a downward direction after they’re trimmed but before they’re painted, they take much longer to chip. That way, the dry polish doesn’t snag on anything, and I rarely have to do any touch-ups!


        1. Sure thing 🙂 I don’t spend a lot of energy on mine, either, so I love finding easy ways to make a look last. Woohoo for spending less effort and money in the long run!


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