Sisterhood Doesn’t Pay the Bills

I first read this essay a few years ago. The essay continues to strike a chord with me, because as a young woman trying to start my career, I often catch myself reverting back to the sexist programming I absorbed from American culture. I grew up in a feminist household with a feminist father who, despite being white, educated, and male, is well aware that social minorities are routinely oppressed and encouraged my feminist interests from day one. My sexist programing was more the result of figures of authority, the media, my peers, society as a whole, through which I’ve been taught that — as a woman — the proper way to succeed and be happy in life was to sit down, shut up, and look pretty, for my own good.

I highly recommend this read to everyone of all sexes and all ages. (It’s only three pages long.)

Imagine My Surprise by Ellen Neuborne 

As Neuborne says, it takes practice to be a strong feminist. Raise your voice because passivity only benefits those who are already in power and does nothing to change the stakes.

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