Borrowed from Elsewhere: Is It Safe To Be the Sexual Me in the Boundaries of a Relationship?

This is a beautiful example of both sex positivity and open and honest communication with oneself and one’s partner(s). I especially like the emphasis on doing no harm. Enthusiastic consent is vital — even in cases where a fantasy may revolve around an imaginary lack of consent.


Is it possible? Yes.  Is it easy? Definitely not.

I write this first entry, as it will likely be a fitting, over-arching theme of most of what may follow, at least in the near-term.  It is something of a personal journey … a journey within the boundaries of a marriage relationship and not in the shadows of self-exploration.

Why do I make this distinction?  I believe all too often men, in particular, choose to explore their sexual-self outside the view of their wives or partners.  And to be fair, I am sure some women explore outside the sight of their men, as well.  But I write from a male’s point if view.

I am certainly no expert on this topic; I am still early in my journey.  Having lived in a relationship for a number of years where the boundaries were quite explicit and narrow, I am now enjoying a…

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