How To Make Your Own BB Cream

I’m a pretty low maintenance kind of gal. I don’t do foundation, I rarely do concealer, and I don’t apply sunscreen as often as advised. Color me happy when I learned BB creams were supposed to do all of that work in one swipe.

That’s when I learned that the genuine miracle workers tend to be BBs which originated in Asia. Reading the ingredients on the back of various American BB cream packagings, I noticed that many of them are essentially just tinted sunscreen, which is still a good thing.

My skin is very dry but usually also very clear, so I’ve been hunting for a good light-coverage BB cream. While there are lots of light-coverage BBs on the market that I have considered sampling, most are full of lots other gunky chemicals. So, I’ve been making my own simplistic BB cream, and you can, too.

First, find a sunscreen you like without oxybenzone, retinyl palmitate (Vitamin A), parabens, or fragrance. I chose to try this out with Badger sunscreen, which is a little thick.


To cut the thickness, I added a dab of Desert Essence Jojoba Oil, but any other nut oil you like will work as a substitute. (Tarte Maracuja Oil has worked well for me, too, and feels creamier and glossier. But, it’s a lot more expensive, which is why I prefer the former.)


Using your hand as a mixing tray, swirl the oil and sunscreen together with a finger.


The result may be too lightly colored to blend with your skin tone. It’ll likely be really, really white, but the amount of oil you add in contributes to its blendability. More oil means more sheerness, and my dry skin craves both.

If you’d like to darken the mix to make it more like your natural skin tone, add a little of your favorite foundation, concealer, or bronzer. In my case, that would be powder bronzer, which I brush on afterwards. But, you can also add a little powder or liquid makeup directly to the concoction in your palm.

Apply liberally and blend, particularly in areas which see the most sun. You’ll want to wait until the oil has dried before applying any makeup over top. Applied too soon before the oil settles, makeup will slide off. (I almost lost an eyebrow that way once…)


As a disclaimer, I must mention that this is a trial-and-error process to find a mixture ratio which works best for you. Different skin types respond differently to oils and sunscreens, and it may require a little tweaking to achieve your desired tone and texture.


  1. That’s a great idea! I’ve always heard about how those creams are basically just glorified tinted moisturizers, so it totally makes sense as a DIY with your own preferred and more natural ingredients.


    1. Thanks! I just felt so cheated after reading the ingredients of store-bought BB creams and realizing that they weren’t anything special. Making your own is so much more economical, too, and I’m always a fan of customization.


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